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Insight for those who want to include private equity or direct investment in privately-held businesses in their portfolios. The opinions expressed in the PE4Fams blog are those of  Rob McCreary and not necessarily those of CapitalWorks or its employees.

Robert McCreary CapitalWorks private equity Cleveland

Dodd-Frank Unleashes the Audit Team

I attended a seminar recently where the host law firm reviewed the SEC audit activity of private equity firms that has been spawned by Dodd-Frank. In attendance was a private equity professional whose firm had just completed one of these audits. His experience matched the law firm’s report that the

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Pass the Parcel

A recent article in the Financial Times, “Private Equity Steps Up The Pace of Pass The Parcel” (Wednesday, June 18, 2014) shows an interesting trend that may affect fund of funds specializing in the private equity asset class. Anne-Sylvaine Chassany reports that the percentage of reported M&A transactions that

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CapitalWorks is excited to announce its commitment to a periodic blog branded as “PE4FAMS.” While many of our competitors in the private equity world are funded predominantly by institutional capital (pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, public retirement funds, endowments), all of CapitalWorks’ funding is from successful families.

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