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SFM Review: STACK Magazine

We really don’t know enough about the players we spend so much time watching, reading about, and thinking about. The media has come up short in answering two categorical questions: how do players train and how do they socialize? We know they work hard and can see the results on the field, but we don’t know how they got there. We know they’re wealthy, but we never see them enjoying the fruits of their labor or interacting with society. What are they really like? Why does it require a visit to training camp or a lucky run-in out on the town to unveil these lives of athletes?

Stack is a magazine dedicated to answering that first question. Its slogan is “for the athlete by the athlete.” It is a litany of pro workout plans, training tips, and dietary articles revealed by coaches and trainers. September’s issue features a five-page list of conditioning drills running back LaDainian Tomlinson does, with the preclude that they “are excerpts…just a few exercises from a single session.” LT moves his body in every conceivable way through exercises starting with the simple side lunge to the “John Travolta” (moving arms loaded with dumbbells from above the shoulder to across the stomach in alternation), most of which require just the gym floor, a wall, and cones.

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CapitalWorks Associate Position

Position: Pre-MBA Associate Location: Cleveland, Ohio Start: 2021 CapitalWorks is a private equity investment firm located in Cleveland, Ohio that makes control investments in lower middle market companies.  We

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CapitalWorks Welcomes Brady Roth

Brady Roth has joined CapitalWorks as an Associate. His primary responsibilities include initial deal screening and evaluation of acquisition opportunities, deal execution and financing. He assists current portfolio companies

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CapitalWorks Exits Chemtron

Cleveland, Ohio – Cleveland private equity firm CapitalWorks, LLC announced the sale of Chemtron, a leading hazardous and non-hazardous waste management provider in the Midwest to Kinderhook Industries, LLC. 

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CapitalWorks Sweeps Up Essco

CLEVELAND, OHIO – Cleveland private equity firm, CapitalWorks, LLC has acquired Essco. The acquisition was completed as a part of CapitalWorks’ fourth private equity fund, CapitalWorks Fund IV, L.P. 

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